Emptying and Filling

This is my birthday × career post.

I used to think that birthdays are free passes when I was young. Then as I grew older, I considered them my personal holidays. Then they turned into work days in the past few years, but I still made it a point to plan a celebration for that day. This year was an exception. I woke way before sunrise to send off the beach missions team for the annual trip we organize. It’s also the first time that I didn’t join the team. It’s amazing how the Lord makes the trip happen year after year in spite of us, and how it still happened this year with only a few weeks of preparation.

Two major changes in my life last year are officially joining the local church I’ve been attending for years and moving into this house. It’s a blessing to laugh, cry, pray, worship, and serve with brethren who are seriously joyful about God and His Word. Since membership is a prerequisite for ministry there, serving alongside them was new, challenging, and inspiring. Building the Lord’s house is a labor of love.

When I was still looking for a local church to transfer to, I resigned from work to pursue my masters degree. I was so used to being financially independent that it was difficult to receive grace when my parents offered to support my education. But through them, my scholarship, and my projects, the Lord provided for my needs and even for my wants. And after graduation, I had to be reminded that the Lord isn’t entitled to just my tithes and offerings, but to everything. Just like how judgment comes in the afterlife, we shall also be called to account for the resources we were entrusted with. I’m thankful that the reminder came while I had little so I won’t be greedy when I have much.

Job hunting took a long time if you count my freelancer year. Or a short time if you count these two months as a bum. While I belong to a profession that’s in demand, I’m very picky about what I want to do and what to use. I wanted to study before applying anywhere, but when I received an invitation to apply for a software consulting company as an editor, I gave it a try. But I got invited to a technical interview for a technical position with three areas of specialization. Praise God that I passed. I wouldn’t have even tried if it were that position from the start until I felt ready. The offer only came yesterday so I had time to pray while waiting.

These are some of the answered prayers that come with my having a corporate job.

  • Better stewardship of time
  • Honoring my parents through my wealth
  • Providing for my furry friend’s medical needs
  • Being a Christian in the workplace

While I’ve been advised to negotiate, I considered weightier factors.

  • Doing nothing out of selfish ambition
  • Making life about more than money and what the world could offer
  • Worshiping God where He brings me
  • Making use of time wisely instead of being stuck in traffic

I hear there’s a small group of believers there. That’s what excites me most about having a workplace. Life is about to change. My Lord emptied Himself, drank the cup, and obeyed to the point of death. When He returns or calls me home, I would like to hear that I lived well. May I be filled with His Spirit.


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