On the Edge of Technology

I finally have full control over what to use for a big project. I tend to lean towards the cutting edge and setting up causes bleeding. I shelved some of the decisions for a while, both out of fear and prudence, because there is much to learn and because it takes time for new technology to stabilize (after much hair-pulling only to learn that the cause was a bug in the tool). I have been told that I feel too much for my work, but that’s the way it is. I cry over bugs and bad practices more than I did over boys. And now, I’m giddy about Ionic 2 and its support for the Windows phone, which I’m a fan of. I finished the CodeSchool course for Angular recently, and now I have to study Angular 2, which is a total rewrite.

The timing for adopting technology is really tricky. Too early and you’ll be banging your head against the desk or the wall too many times. Too late and everyone else is geared for something new. It’s a lot like the moves in sport climbing or surfing. It takes wisdom and faith. Things our Creator readily gives to those who ask.

It fills me with so much wonder in what we could build and in how the Creator implemented wisdom in the design of the universe. I’m writing this down because I won’t always have this joy or this freedom to make the decisions, but I could always look back at this moment in gratitude.


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