Version 2

I’m feeling giddy and nervous. I just created my first pull request. I’ve been programming for over a decade, but it’s my first time to contribute actively to an open source project. It’s not much, but if it merges with the master, I’ll be happy to contribute more.

For those who are actually interested in what I’m talking about, here goes. There’s this awesome AdminLTE Dashboard & Control Panel Template by Almsaeed Studio and they just released version 2. See the demo here. I was going to build my own gem, but nicolas-besnard beat me to it. He released the adminlte2-rails gem, but he’s still missing some plugin generators, so I’m trying to step in to help. I started with the one for iCheck version 2. You could find it at its GitHub location. I tested it with jQuery version 2.

Disclaimer: The commits were sloppily done. I’ve been dizzy. Sorry.


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