Last week, we did a survey of the first three chapters of the first book of the Bible. For now, I’m posting my notes as is.

God simply is.
In the Bible, writers always allude to the creation account as a historical account.
God created everything that is non-God.
There is only one God.
God makes everything good.
God rests.
D.A. Carson

God is a good worker. – Howell
God is a God of order. – Sheen
Man’s design is not standalone. – K. Aleks
Let there -> Let us. – Aio
God is relational. He is a community in Himself. – K. Aleks
Work need not be a drudgery. It is a part of God’s design.

Culture’s view of rest

Own view

In mankind’s strive for perfection, we no longer make room for rest. – Howell

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Rest is optional. – Roy


Underlying that is a desire to be God. The idea of rest is so fundamental that God commanded the Israelites to observe the Sabbath.
Part of resting is letting go of the incompleteness.
It is enjoying the fruit of our labor.
Sabbath is a way of worship.

How did Genesis present gender roles — being a man  and being a woman?

As a result of the fall, man has always been uncomfortable about his role as a leader.

The challenge of the female is how to be led.

God punished them in the areas of their desire. Man:Work = Woman:Relationships

Man:Thermostat = Woman:Thermometer

In order for there to be a relationship, God had to risk rejection.


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