Glued Together with Grace

This recent beach mission trip was the busiest one for me. It was riddled with challenges—from nearly getting stuck in an elevator to gathering the team together, to performing multiple tasks that were usually spread out to different people, to he-who-must-not-be-named, to battling with my peace of mind.

It always amazes me how God brings a bunch of strangers together year after year and creates a team out of them. We share the same gospel but we share it differently even when we use the same tool—the evangelistic bracelet. The most striking thing for me this time was what the white color stood for: forgiveness. We repent once and are forgiven once, but we also repent daily and are forgiven daily. The first is about our legal standing before God—we are found righteous in Christ. The second is about sanctification—we are being purified to become like Christ. It intensified my hope in the author and perfecter of my faith.

The trip was so hastily patched up that it would have fallen apart if not for grace. It had to be God’s will or it wouldn’t have pushed through. Too many plans failed but I was reminded that He is sovereign, that it was for our own good, and that salvation is purely His work. My part was simply to be ready for His use and by the third day of the trip, I knew my work was done but my homework wasn’t, and so I headed home.


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