Strings Detached

I think I’ve wasted a lot of energy either ranting about or regretting my Wednesday schedule this semester. See, Wednesday nights are for ukulele lessons, but I have a class that’s in conflict with it. It’s a good thing that the teacher of the conflicting class has a unique and interesting style, but still I felt like I’ve been missing out. I tried squeezing in time before or after class, but it wasn’t enough.

Yesterday, I was reminded of something I should already know. God is in control and His plans are good, pleasing, and perfect. I thought I was just attending a fund-raising event, but it was so much more than that. It was a lesson on grace. Aside from learning some songs that weren’t taught to the other workshop attendees, I shared my Wednesday dilemma and my awesome teacher offered to be available earlier on Wednesdays. Plus someone I just met gave us a ride home.

Anyway, while I was practicing and my teacher was busy with something, he suddenly made a comment about what I was doing wrong. I was both amazed with how sharp he was (or is) and with how my pride didn’t shatter. It’s nice to have someone who knows you, even your weakness and even though it’s not on a romantic level. It makes me feel real. In other areas of my life, I’m also aspiring for that mastery in knowing things or people. I’ve been too stressed with putting too much weight on my tasks that I seem to have forgotten that God has exciting things ahead and that letting go is part of the priceless freedom that He purchased with His blood for me.


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