Paul’s Pivot

These are based on the recap instead of the hunger session on Romans 11 and 12, which I missed.

The reason for tackling two chapters instead of one is to emphasize Paul’s pivot in the Book of Romans. The first 11 chapters are about how difficult (even impossible) it is to reconcile ourselves with God. The 12th chapter shows us how to live in a relationship with God now that we are in Christ. The former are about abstract things like law and grace then they are followed by a shift.

“Paul was continuing the contrast.”

Dead sacrifices : Law = Living sacrifices : Grace

When you read the Bible and you read about behavior, what is your response?

Our initial reaction would be to turn it into a mini project, or as we programmers like to say, //TODO:.

What you must do, you do because you already have been reconciled.

romans 11

Photo credit: Aleks Tan


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