airports and waterfalls

i remember a phone call
i think i was waiting for my bag
after my feet touched the ground
she told me to say goodbye
but i begged you to wait
i said i’ll be home again soon

i remember being on a bus
it was the first time
we had to commute from the airport
my parents went to meet us
but they got into an accident
some drunk fool ran into our car
and all i knew was that
they were in a hospital

the other passengers
they looked out
they saw bodies in a truck,
more on the street
i waited for a while
my city of waterfalls
turned into a swamp

another storm comes
they expect it to visit
and even as i fear,
i could only pray
from far away

people are dead
and dying of hunger,
thirst, and injuries

waterfalls stream
down my cheeks
as i listen to the song
“fall asleep”


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