The Journey of Joy

For our study of Romans 7 this week, they started by describing their impressions from reading the passage. Since I was a passive zombie, I’m writing down my thoughts here to compensate. I didn’t have very good impressions. I think Paul was toying with his readers. In chapter 5, he said that we are now friends of God then in chapter 6, he said that we are slaves of God and no longer slaves of sin, and then in chapter 7, he confesses to being a slave to sin. On the surface, these would seem like contradictions, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find buried treasure. I also felt relief that I’m not married because of the picture Paul painted about marriage to sin.

You were once one with sin. Death nullifies marriage to sin. When you came to Christ, His death became your death, His resurrection became your resurrection.

Would you know you were breaking the rules if you didn’t know the rules?

What does living in the Spirit look like?

      • vibrant
      • relationship

What makes a relationship grow deeper?

      • time
      • communication
      • trust

What truths can we infer about living in the Spirit?

Why do you expect that living the Christian life is something that you can master?

Can it be that it is a journey?

Is it OK to sin? Of course not! But because of your sinful nature, you will sin… but nothing separates you from the love of God.

In truth, you will continue sinning and in truth, grace will abound.

Enjoy the relationship. It is not about sin anymore. Your love for God will be so strong and growing that you will not _________ to sin anymore. This is not about the struggle. This is about the relationship.

Are you struggling with sin in your life? Don’t give up. This sin, if you keep on doing it, it will keep you from joy.How will the truths in this chapter affect the way you deal with yourself, with God, and with others?

I shared that when I fall into sin, I go into frustration and depression and that when I see others falling into sin, I experience disappointment. Instead, I will look to Jesus (because His sacrifice covered all sin for all time).

It’s not ignoring sin, but putting it in its place — destroyed, forgiven on the cross.

Don’t consider [living in the Spirit] a goal or a project but an invitation.

Obedience bears the sweetest fruit. The more you obey, the more you move forward in the journey. You’re not stuck in a rut.


Post-hunger session, here are additional shares.


“Fear-based repentance makes us hate ourselves. Joy-based repentance makes us hate the sin.”
~ Tim Keller

“Grace never softens our thirst for obedience. It inspires us to war against our unholiness.”
~ John Piper

“An essential element of joy is freedom. None of us would be happy if we were not free from what we hate and free for what we love.”

~ John Piper

* Photos and quotes stolen from Aleks Tan


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