My dad used to say that I was his smartest kid (even though I was the least academically excellent) because I was always busy thinking. One thing I have been encountering recently is the blurring of the lines between the spiritual and the secular. What I mean by this is acknowledging the Lord as God over all our activities.

I picked up the ukulele recently, just three weekends ago. There was a ukulele mob event just a week after I started playing so as an absolute beginner, I had to practice daily to catch up with the rest. At that time, I had deviated from the Bible plan I’m using. I had a minor hand injury from breaking my fall the other week so my practice habit halted for a week.

The other night, my best friend also bought a ukulele and someone awesome from the mob gave her free ukulele lessons and I joined in. He goes by the 5Ps principle.


Pray, practice, and practice some more to achieve perfection. I guess one can play a song perfectly, but one cannot live a perfect life. Christians, however, are called to be perfect, not because they can be, but because we already are perfect in Christ Jesus. What we already are, we should become.

When I played again after a week-long break, I was encouraged to pick up something I had also set aside, the Bible in a Year plan. I gave up devotionals long ago because I wanted to rely more on the Holy Spirit instead of some author. That doesn’t mean I consider them useless altogether nor look down on anyone who finds them useful. I just prefer to digest my daily bread personally.


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