Divine and I went to see Kito and the other church members play badminton today, but we didn’t really know how to get there. We were going to take a cab, but the driver asked us to give directions, which totally defeated the purpose of taking a cab, so we commuted instead because I knew how to get to the general vicinity. We started asking around at the train station and we didn’t get lost. I also met Pau and she gave us a doughnut. Yey!

Last Friday, Bang and I bought ukuleles. I’ve been wanting to learn to play since our beach trip in February and we have one at home, but Ziggy already claimed it. My dad’s a really awesome musician and he could play the guitar, piano, ukulele, and drums by ear. I missed the learning opportunity, but I have a new one. Bang and I joined the Uke Mob. We joined their practice yesterday. It was my second day of learning and the session will be… next week! I don’t know if I’m being stupid or crazy. RG says I should reconsider, but it’s too late to back out. Besides, I love challenges. I also feel that I’ll bond with my dad better if we can play together. We also met awesome ukulele people like Pao Gumba at the Happy Music Ukulele Philippines shop. He and Bang covered “Almost Lover” and it sounded really great. I’ve also been thinking of a name for my new baby. Right now, I’m leaning towards “Prudence” because of the Beatles song and because I need to exercise prudence.


Last Saturday, I went on an adventure by myself. After my three-hour exam, I packed, discussed a database design, and left hurriedly for the silent retreat. I didn’t have lunch yet and I didn’t even check its location on Google Maps. I took a cab, but I was so excited about getting off that when I saw the first landmark the coordinator gave, a supermarket, on the same street I got off. Little did I know that there were at least four of those on the same street. I also went to the second one before finally receiving the right directions. I also failed to read the coordinator’s instructions well, which would have narrowed it down to two supermarkets. I thank God for color-coded tricycles. I saw orange, blue, pink, and yellow ones. When I finally saw the green ones, I knew I was close. When I got there, I ate the lunch they reserved for me. It was Bangus (Milkfish), which is the boniest fish I know, which forced me to slow down even though I was really hungry so I wouldn’t choke. Dinner included watermelon, which has lots of seeds, so I had to take those out. When I was eating them both, I realized that I was rushing through life.

While at the retreat, I got to listen to different things because we were in silence. The fountain water and the wooden steps in particular made me think about life’s rhythm. For a slow-moving person, I sure do rush things, so I’m praying that I would be still and know He is God.


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