New Life

This blog was initially about keeping one blog instead of one for every mood, but as time went on, sites shut down and I imported other blog entries here.

The title “New Life” is about having a new life in Christ and the purpose was to share what it’s like. I didn’t want this to be a holier-than-thou parade. I wanted this to mirror the struggles and the victories. I also wanted to reach people I’ve never met in places I’ve never been.

Recently, I decided to cut off someone from my life. I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I haven’t told that person. Let me tell you why I did it. I was turning into my old self. I was becoming a “judgmentalist.” (I borrowed that term from a book I’m reading.) All I could think about was about what a hypocrite that person was, defending that he could continue being in something wrong because God used it to bring it back to their knees and God redeems all things anyway. I don’t know about you, but I believe that redemption is only for things that diverted from God’s purpose and that is God’s work and not something we can dictate. I started hating that person’s excessive references to the prodigal son because I was busy criticizing someone else’s failures, because my pride got wounded. In the end, it was the story of something akin to it with a few twists (a savior older brother, a river, and three prodigal sons) that rebuked me.


The new life isn’t supposed to revolve around me or around another sinner who makes me feel righteous. It may sound severe, but I decided that it was better not to witness a life that was causing me to sin. It’s ironic, but this new life is a daily death to self that I may find life in Him.


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