It was my first time to watch two different movies in two different malls in a row last night. The first one was my much-awaited Rurouni Kenshin and the other was the curious Cloud Atlas.

This is not a movie review. It’s a record of my reflections. Kenshin is my most-sketched one. I was never big on sharing him, not even with Kaoru, but she was actually likable and I really wanted to be in her slippers. Samurai X is my favorite anime and I was scared of being disappointed. I realized something today. None of the men I was ever in love with were real. They were either characters on movie or television screens or characters who treat life like a stage. A girl who reads wrote that characters develop, except in the Twilight series. That should hold true of the Christian jerks I dated, if they be true Christians. Someday, I, too, will have a home, either in this life or the next.

Cloud Atlas, the other movie, was about interlinks and freedom. I like the dizzying timelines and the questions it presented, but it didn’t hold the answers.

Both movies were about fighting for love and truth. Noble things that could only be reconciled on the cross. “The sword brings forth life.” True love suffered and died on the cross and conquered death. It not only saved, it brought substance and hope to life.

“Men’s hearts are hungry… for more.”

Jesus satisfies.

* non-verbatim. written at two in the morning.


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