an ode to nii-sama (dear kuya)

I was browsing through my posts and I came across this:

Then I remembered an assurance from one of my favorite authors:

If God rules His universe by His sovereign decrees, how is it possible for man to exercise free choice? And if he cannot exercise freedom of choice, how can he be held responsible for his conduct? Is he not a mere puppet whose actions are determined by a behind-the-scenes God who pulls the strings as it pleases Him?

Here is my view: God sovereignty decreed that man should be free to exercise moral choice, and man from the beginning has fulfilled that decree by making his choice between good and evil.When he chooses to do evil, he does not thereby countervail the sovereign will of God but fulfills it, inasmuch as the eternal decree decided not which choice the man should make but that he should be free to make it. If in His absolute freedom God has willed man to have limited freedom, who is there to stay His hand or say, “What doest Thou?” Man’s will is free because God is sovereign. A God less than sovereign could not bestow moral freedom upon His creatures. He would be afraid to do so.

~ A.W. Tozer, “The Knowledge of the Holy”

A programmer could tell a dog (an instance of the Dog class) he designed to wag its tail or jump, but that dog would not have the freedom to do so. The dog would merely be responding to the command. The dog would not possess gladness, not only because the programmer is unwilling, but because his limited sovereignty deems him incapable. If he were somehow capable, he would not be willing. Unpredictable behavior must be avoided. That’s why multiple inheritance throws a compilation error. It would produce a rogue class.

My older brother is the most alpha male dog owner I know, and the most gracious as well. He never fails to buy something for his aptly named dog “Bieber.” He also carries on the training with a firm hand and is quick to correct disobedience. His love for the dog is evident in the numerous photos on his Facebook page.

The thing is, he is a good master and he points me to the good Master, the Sovereign Lord.

Kuya, it’s too early for your birthday, and today, you’re celebrating your second month of being a dad. Don’t be too strict, but don’t spoil her either. May you remember the Father’s love.

“We love because He first loved us.” [1 John 4:19]

Happy second month, Summer! ^_^


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