limited memory

it (the writing of this post) started with memory management.

mobile devices have limited resources. that’s why creating apps for them places a high priority on memory allocation and deallocation. but that’s only if you care about predictable behavior. you could always leave it to the application to crash.

now, where were we? oh yeah, memories. back when i was a kid… oh. wait, not that sort of memory.

before you can use instance variables, they have to be allocated and initialized. and if you want to keep your app from being bloated, you should deallocate them, too.

a good creator is also a sustainer. aren’t you glad we have a good God who is at work in this world? in Him, we live and move and have our being.

aside from goodness, He also has power.

programming has power matters, too. when the programmer tries to release an object he didn’t allocate, an access denial occurs. the compiler throws a runtime exception.

such is fate. our actions have consequences. and our abilities are limited.

in the same way that classes are confined by the language’s author, we are under the sovereignty of the One whose image we hold. [although sin has distorted this image, it’s still there.]

we’re not so different from mobile devices. we are humans. limited beings. and no amount of striving will enable escape from His plan, from His hand. [strangely, we do run away from good things.] but if we surrender to Him, He will bestow His Spirit upon us and empower us to obey Him, that we may fulfill our destiny of bearing the likeness of Christ.


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