nope. i didn’t make a spelling mistake. it was on purpose. :p

oh, and don’t read this if you haven’t seen the new spidey movie yet.

i just came from watching the latest spiderman movie. the one that does a rewind of the whole franchise. with a different girl and a different take on things.

fast forward to the later part of the movie. peter goes on and on about how he can’t see gwen again. he just can’t. boohoo. she walks away. stops. looks back. and throws a question.

“he made you promise, didn’t he? to stay away to protect me?”

i wonder if you’re doing the same thing because of my Father and yours. and if life is like the hunger games. where the prices of gifts skyrocket as the games progress. i wonder if the cost of obedience is increasing exponentially. if we could have prevented this suffering from becoming this great.

i don’t know if this seems strange. i am repentant not just because of the consequences. but because i know my heart was simply selfish. it cared not for anything but its instant gratification.

a thousand times i apologize. i would change things if i could. but since i can’t, i’d rather not regret you. thank you for the surreal experience. too bad it was just a dream.


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