of belayers and belaying devices

i finally conquered my dream wall at the power up centro atletico gym at cubao last saturday. i was with my roommate and with friends from the beach mission team and dcf.

most of them went there ahead while i stayed behind to wait for rachel. tot, james, and jeremy where nice enough to stay with me. rachel got lost and got stuck in traffic. when we finally arrived at the gym, i hardly did any stretching and practically ran to the dream wall. when it was my turn, i experienced cramps in my leg while attempting a rock over at the overhang. so i asked to be let down.

i rested after that. and pretty much just belayed or shouted out instructions and encouragements. then i made a second attempt while everyone else was busy. or so i thought. i was so nervous. i remember praying. and i climbed it like i wasn’t injured twice before the attempt. it was quick and easy. when i reached the metal top, i paused to pose for a picture. when i looked down, there were at least 3 loops of rope (the length of wall’s height) and my belayer was already releasing more. i clung to the metal bar while trying to catch my belayer’s attention. thankfully, the cute guy from the next wall noticed and fixed my situation. had i failed to conquer that wall, i would have fallen and broken something. probably my spine. i’m really thankful that God gives pleasant surprises in cute packages. i remember two lines from my favorite song whenever i recall that moment.

“You hold me in Your hand,

You won’t let me fall.”

my belayer and the belaying device were supposed to keep me safe. but my belayer was too busy cheering me on and the belaying device could only catch me if it had enough tension. and where they failed, the Lord never will. ^_^


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