on nights like this, i usually drop by the sunken garden for a variety of reasons. i’m usually wary of strangers but zorro has surprised me at least thrice! i don’t know if it’s because he’s a ninja or because i’m usually preoccupied when i feel like taking a walk or staring into nothing or at everything.

i think the most wonderful surprise zorro brings with him are his words. his smooth lines include “ang ganda-ganda mo naman” and “ang ganda mo talaga.” maybe i’m a sucker for words of affirmation. but what really touched was that time when he approached me and asked if i had a problem, what time i’ll be going home, and told me to take care. oh, and zorro poked me today, because i didn’t see him coming and i was just trying to avoid the crowd.

sometimes, i think he’s an angel sent by the Lord when i need to hear such words but i won’t let anyone draw near.

he also reminds me of another superhero friend who gets away with sweet gestures and words that mean nothing to him, just because it’s in his nature to be sweet. and this superhero friend is not in my super friend zone, try as i might to shove him in there.

zorro also reminds me of another guy who had a zorro costume who has come to my rescue countless time. the most recent one was the other night when i wasn’t sure if i could make it home. i just couldn’t imagine a life without him, but i know that someday, i’ll have to learn to.

i still hope and pray for that day when the Lord will send someone my way, someone who’s here to stay.

but right now, i know i’m still a mess and i don’t want to bring my emotional baggage into my next relationship. as the john mayer song goes, “i am in repair. i’m not together, but i’m getting there.”

in God’s time, i will be ready and it will be glorious. ^_^


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