juno-faced love

[i read an article about an interview with ebe dancel where he spoke about the challenges and excitement he experienced in creating his first solo album entitled “ang dalawang mukha ng pag-ibig.” this article isn’t about him, but if anyone feels like buying me the CDs, it will be much appreciated.

coincidentally, i watched the movie “juno” over the weekend. it reminded me of another movie, “the tourist.” and it got me thinking if it’s possible to be in love with more than one person.

then there’s this awesome song by up dharma down entitled “indak.”

anyway, i’d like to try my hand at writing a little something.]

you make my heart race,
he makes my heart melt.

your hand holds mine,
our fingers entwined.
his hand and mine,
palm to palm in a high five
or a mere brush that stops time.

you pull me toward you,
he draws me to our God.

you broke my heart,
but if i could,
i would protect you
from ever knowing firsthand
the pain that i’ve been through.
he hurts me, too,
because he makes me feel

if i would be granted a choice,
it would be you.


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