reflections: john 19

i was really late to the hunger session today. the driver dropped me off at the gas station even though i said i was getting off at techno hub. i was so tired and it was raining. and i was complaining. i haven’t read the passage yet but i anticipated that it would be about the crucifixion. so there i was, irritated with the driver for forcing me to walk unnecessarily. and i was thinking, “God, how could You love the unlovable?” by unlovable, i meant the driver. then it dawned on me that i, too, am unlovable. and He did so much more than walk wearily for me. He died for me. for all of us sinners.

i got to our usual meeting place. there were no familiar faces. so i checked my phone. the message said trinoma. then i realized that maybe God was using the driver to spare me from walking unnecessarily. because i was going the wrong way. i was going my own way.

i took another jeep. and this thing that was supposed to protect us from the rain kept being blown by the wind, hitting my back in the process. i imagine it was mildly akin to flogging. and that’s where the passage begins. at a flogging.

pilate had the Lord flogged before declaring Him innocent. i can’t understand why he didn’t just skip the torture. on one hand, he acknowledges that Christ speaks the truth, yet he had a crown of thorns placed on His head! but in the end, God used him for His plan to save mankind. which unfortunately involved death of the worst kind, that on the cross.

then there were all these prophecies that were fulfilled. but i think they deserve a separate post all together. especially the hyssop branch.

all in all, i was reminded of a love so glorious.

a Son who obeyed His Father to the death.

a Savior who gave His life for the world.

to be honest, i ran out of words.


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