reflections: john 1

during our last hunger session, we were required to read a chapter of john a day, and write about it, too. crammer that i am, i shall attempt the feat, all 8 chapters, in just two days.

i was tempted to start a new blog called “juan & juana” (after watching julie and julia recently) but i made a commitment to stick to one blog so i added a category instead.

anyway, the goal of our task is to make reading the Bible more personal. so here goes.

most of my work week went by in frustration. the deadline was drawing nearer and i was absolutely clueless about how i was to proceed. so i did what i should have done at the very beginning. i prayed. and God answered. and since i finished my task early, i made it to my college roommate’s treat for dinner. she’s in a very bad financial situation yet there she was, treating me to dinner. and she will be flying to puerto prinsesa soon. when she had less than a hundred pesos left, she chose to trust God and He provided. whenever i look at her life, i am blessed. i see His hand at work on her heart.

in the same way, john 1 speaks to me about the Lord’s power, not just in creation, but in our lives. it also tells me about God’s love for us, which was made manifest in Jesus Christ.


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