two criminals and paradise

on a hill, two criminals were crucified with the King of the Jews. they mocked him. but then one of them believed in Him and was promised that on that day, he will be with Him in paradise. the criminal did not do anything good to merit his salvation, he simply accepted Jesus.

that was the gist of the message during our first bonfire at pundaquit beach. it was so simple and it only spanned a few verses in the book of Luke. but the truth is like that. faith is like that. it does not need to be complicated by so many rituals, traditions, and saints. all it takes to be with Christ is to turn our backs on lives that mock Him and accept that His death and His death alone paid for all our sins.

the beautiful things are so easy to miss.

i witnessed a life that was surrendered to Jesus before it got snuffed out. he had months to live. but he was still dying of cancer. and no surgery could cure it. the cancer was not just in his lungs, but in his soul. he lived an honorable life, but in the end, he realized that it wasn’t enough. he finally gave his life to Jesus. he was my grandfather. we called him Daddy. and he has been gone for a year today. we mourn his death. yet we celebrate that he lived and that he lives. after all, God is the God of the living.


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