bleach and powers that be

Without the existence of the Soul King,
Soul Society would split apart.
The Soul King is the keystone.
Without the keystone in place,
it would fall apart easily.
That’s how everything is.

~Urahara Kisuke, Bleach Episode 309

i just finished watching another episode of bleach. if you haven’t seen it yet, let me warn you. this post is filled with spoilers.

my thoughts…

when aizen’s hair grew longer and longer, and so did ichigo’s, i was reminded of both the dragon ball z and the sword of truth series. length of hair symbolizes power in both.

fulfilling our purpose requires full surrender to the One who can enable us. in ichigo’s case, tensai zangetsu (fused with the nameless hollow power). in our case, Jesus Christ. that is why we call Him Lord, because we have surrendered the whole of our lives to Him.

those belonging to a lower level of power cannot sense the power of one belonging to a different dimension altogether. sometimes we think so highly of ourselves but we are lower than ants before the Almighty One.

soul society would fall apart without the soul king. so would the whole universe without the King of Kings.

if you were to stand before the Lord God today, would you be able to stand at all?


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