tears don’t come easily for me. but last sunday, they flowed as i was confessing my crisis in the faith. i told my bestfriend about how i was questioning whether God was real, if He was all-powerful, and if He was good.

two days later, i found myself taking my usual path home. it was already dark. there was a guy who was walking behind me. he was a long way off. but he was really fast. suddenly, he was beside me. i looked at him then moved near the street. i pretended to take the trike that was passing by. he walked past me and kept looking back. i stopped below the streetlights. there were two motorcycles. the first one’s rider was a guy with a helmet and something like a handkerchief covering his face. the second one had two riders, which reminded me of the snatch-a-bag stories on campus. they both parked. i walked backwards, saw the first rider get off, turned around, and went back to my workplace. i don’t know if he was just about to pee or not. the whole scenario was just too freaky for me to find out if i was about to get into trouble. and it reminded me of an earlier time when i almost got held up (read about it here). here was God reminding me of how He saved me back then by saving me again.


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