hey, jealousy

nope, this post is not about a gin blossoms song.

joan invited me to her church’s singles ministries series on heart issues. when we got there, i found out that the topic was jealousy. so i was wondering if there was a not-so-hidden agenda for inviting me. but the talk turned out to be less about jealousy in the romantic sense and more about envy and covetousness.

it was quite an eye opener. here are some points from the talk and from my realizations:
* life is not fair. if it were, we’d all be the same. and that’s not fun.
* if you dislike a person, you are most probably jealous of that person.
(this made me realize why the boyfriend’s girl friends have been janna-bashing for as long as i could remember. his good “friend” even said “she’s sabotaging your future!” of me without any basis.)
* if they attack me because they are insecure of me, i shouldn’t have to be like them.
* God gives gifts as He pleases and as He sees fitting. when we are dissatisfied with things in our lives, we are grumbling against God.
* God is big enough to listen to our honesty about our feelings and He is ready to forgive.
* we are called to love one another and love isn’t jealous.
* celebrate the things or people you dislike until it becomes natural.
* an artist finds beauty in all things, even in the painful and the irritating. (yesterday, i was terribly tired and impatient yet i paused to take a picture of a pegasus structure made of converse soles by a rival school.)

next friday, the topic will be anger.

ccf is located at the top floor of st. francis square. it starts on 7:30 p.m.


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