rain, rain…

it’s raining really hard. but it was soon after i got home that it really poured. and i praise God for that. yesterday, the opposite happened. just when i was about to leave the building after work, the heavens opened its floodgates and lightning came crashing down. i had arrived early at work so that i could make it to my follow-up appointment with the doctor. but after i had completed my hours, i found myself stranded. i had an umbrella with me. but i was defenseless against lightning. so i waited. until the sky calmed down. then i waited some more. this time, for a cab to take me to the mall where the clinic was located. the driver was very stubborn about his route. he avoided the popular route at all costs due to the heavy traffic. but no matter which route we took, there was no escaping the traffic jam. i had been praying the whole time. and i made it to the clinic 5 minutes before my doctor’s “shift” would end. right after i wrote my name, the person manning the desk and i saw her walk out the door. but she suddenly turned around and recognized me. she confirmed that i did not suffer any fractures because of my fall. and so i remembered to praise the Lord in whatever circumstance i find myself in.

did i mention that i almost didn’t reach home? the windshield of the jeepney i was riding was fogging and we almost collided with another jeepney, if not for the driver’s swift reaction and God’s grace. it wasn’t scary or anything. i just thought to myself that if i died then and there, it would be all right. if i were to face my Maker today, it would not be in fear but with great joy. and i just hope that more and more people would know what it’s like to have peace with God because they have an intimate relationship with Christ.


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