abandonment issues

i am being reminded that the Lord would never leave nor forsake me even if my disciplers, my boyfriend, my family, and my friends would (or did). after all, He did find me when i was abandoned and without a name or an identity. He calls me His child.

and people like steven curtis chapman inspire me to adopt a child of my own someday. but that doesn’t mean i will run away from the pains of pregnancy. sayang ang genes! =p and the purpose of sex is ultimately to multiply, right?

                        making love = making babies

anywayz, i finally got to watch steven (close na kami!) perform live last night with joan and benj. he’s absolutely talented and his music and his words really moved the crowd. i actually cried when he played the intro of when love takes you in. at least the last tears i cried for that day were filled with joy.

time is my enemy right now. and i would love to redeem it. i wish it were that easy.


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