life is beautiful

not that it’s perfect. but God is good all the time. and i’m still learning things i should already know. like surrendering my passions. it doesn’t equate to giving up art all together. it’s pursuing life/art as i pursue God.

my current state… my room is in a state of chaos. so was my mind yesterday. i was so pressured with the training because i wasn’t making any significant progress. i had to drop joan’s and my activity reports at our previous employer’s office during my lunch break. i was spotted eating a pint of vanilla ice cream for lunch. i basically surrounded myself with what i like to call happy food. and i watched n episodes of heroes.

i am in need of a spiritual retreat. benj and i are going to the soularium after lunch. then to steven curtis chapman’s free concert. ^_^

by the way, i’m not religious. i hate the term. but i do have a religion. and one thing that differentiates it from all the other religions in the world is the believer’s motivation for doing good. salvation is not the goal. God’s glory is.

i better get some sleep. i have a beautiful day ahead. it’s almost 3am. thank you for taking time to read this. by the way, he sang "i will be here." but he has much better songs. =p i’ll see you at the concert at the cathedral of praise. i hope. it starts at 6pm.


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