a baptism of sorts

yesterday was the first incidence of a couple of things…

it was the first time i walked the streets of ortigas without feeling sad since kuya mic left. why? because he’s back. ^_^

it was the first time i rode a taxi by myself at night. i left for the richmonde hotel at sunset. i went up to mickey’s room (the elevator made me a bit dizzy). and he still looks like peter parker (the evil version this time).
i crawled into bed and watched good old tv. then we ordered in mexican food from mexicali. we had an indoor picnic. with the food laid out on a white towel on a carpet instead of grass.

then we went to shangri-la mall to look for chucks. four stores after (i think), i found the perfect shoe. why is it singular? because it’s so unique, it didn’t have a partner yet. it turns out that they designed one shoe for display and its partner was not ready yet. kuya mic paid for it but i had to go back to get it today.

then he sent me home. on a taxi by myself. the end.

okay, not yet.

i still have to say…

mickey, thanks! ^_^

advanced pee bday! have a safe flight and a nice stay home. too bad i already have a job. i’ll see you in june. 🙂


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