what's in a name?

changing it does not change who you are. but it is based on who you are.

let us trace how my name and its derivations came into being.

i came after a brother named armando and a sister named zarina. notice that the former begins with an a and the latter with a z. my parents said they chose a name that started with a letter located somewhere in the middle of the alphabet. that name was johanna. my dad flipped the o and the h to make it sound unique (or so he thought). jhoanna is such a common name… but i love the way it is spelled and pronounced. the problem is, people rarely get it right. the origin of my most widely used nickname is just that, a mispronunciation. my sister couldn’t say jhoanna then so she called me janna.

my sister and i used to share a room. we had our names hung on the door (or was it the wall?) . hers said rizza and mine said hannah. i used to go by hannah, short for johanna, until i decided i didn’t want to be nice and sweet anymore. come first year college, i met my discipler, hannah, and i sort of discarded the nickname. the only ones who still use it are cousins, aunts, and uncles at home.

my cousins and siblings call me annaj,which is janna spelled backwards. it started when we played conquer. people there called me anna and i didn’t bother to correct them.

the only people who call me jhoanna are classmates, teachers, and strangers. but i usually insist that they call me janna when they can’t get it right. those who find my first name too long use jho, which i use in signing my so-called works of art and notes.

other people even find janna long. they came up with janjan, ja, and jann among others.

still, others are simply creative. kuya butch calls me dagger, which is princess garnet’s alias.

okay, i have to go now. bye bye! ^_^


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