i miss climbing.  i don’t know when the next opportunity will come along but i hope it will arrive soon.  i don’t really know what to write.  i just need to destress.  i’m dealing with a lot of issues right now.  but they don’t cloud the goodness of God in my life.  this month has been and will continue to be hectic, but i experienced the Lord’s faithfulness on so many levels.  we’re supposed to sign off the data entry module of one of the utility programs tomorrow (monday).  it cost me blood, sweat, and tears to go this far in the project.  it is a continuing sacrifice, one i offer up to Jesus.  i praise Him that joan agreed to be a part of the project last friday.  i had to focus on my academic requirements this month with two machine problems, two papers, one exam, a report, recitation, and a problem set. 

last tuesday…

  • i had some trouble printing the output for the first machine problem.  but i discovered a place that guarranteed speed and quality.  the cost isn’t significant when you weigh it against not being able to submit the mp on time.
  • my groupmates and i make a really great team for the other mp. we submitted the design then. we are still on schedule.  and we have fun.  programming is a high.
  • no class at 6-9 at night.
  • i contributed ideas to my group’s paper on pleasure (nicomachean ethics).
  • i finally attended the navigators’ tnt for the first time this sem because i had no class.  they needed someone to lead it.  i don’t know why i did.  i shared what i learned about suffering based from the previous sunday’s sermon and about the buddhist philosophy.  it made a nice contrast.  i got everyone to open up. yey! and i got away with not answering the personal questions.
  • jacq, rashel, and i watched mulan 2.  cute!

me sleepy now.  i’ll wake up early.  there are things i need to prepare for.  i’m not ready yet.  no room for error…


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