before i go

i spent most of the day sleeping. not unlike all other days that i just stay in my room, i spend the night wandering around. i had to go to the shopping center to print the e-tickets. i passed by a guy who was standing in the shadows and he followed me home. i had this eerie feeling that someone was stalking me so i glanced back and i saw him. i accelerated my pace and i thought he would give up. but when i looked back again, i found out i was mistaken. when i reached the dorm, i received my roommate’s message and i felt brave enough to go to sm alone even if the shed was covered in darkness. i actually enjoyed shopping and i bought the perfect jacket without having to look for it. we ate at kfc and i had to use my inhaler in between eating. we also dropped by a book store and the toy store. it need not cost anything to make me happy, just take me to any of those two places and let me explore and dream. then we dropped by j’bee at philcoa and said goodbye to two people.

to my friends in up, goodbye! to the peopleses of iligan, you’ll probably be seeing me in the next couple of weeks if i ever leave the compound. my flight’s tomorrow. and i really need to start packing now. that means i’ll be sleeping on the way to and at the airport and during the flight.

how i wish i could use a wand and cast a spell so that the things would take care of themselves.

i’m glad i drank iced coffee. g’nyt!


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