gone fishing

so says the front design of the shirt created specially to raise funds for the missions exposure trip to lucban, quezon.  so the team went to the palaisdaan the day after we arrived and enjoyed the delicious food there using our bare hands.  it felt like we were on vacation with the cool air and water, the mountain sights, and the feasts.  quotable quotes included "napasubo kami" and "whatever the Lord feeds, you swallow."

i only started to experience the gravity of our mission when we went on a courtesy call to the president of the southern luzon polythechnic college.  i had a couple of tracts to hand out while walking but only one left my hands.  i was that hesitant.  before we returned that afternoon, my partner, kit, and i prayed that the Lord would be the one to give us the words, that He would direct us to people He wants us to meet, and that we would experience His presence.  we surrendered our fears to Him and committed our work for His glory.  after that, His peace reigned in our hearts and i found myself smiling.  we succeeded in giving away the pile of tracts that we asked for more.  then it was time for classroom evangelism.  i was really thankful to have been paired with kit.  besides her training in special education and her experience in classroom environments, she was also a great encouragement with her words of affirmation.  we were assigned to a high school sophomore class and kit easily captured the students’ attention with the magic words "handa na po ba tayong makinig?"  i used the short version of the bridge to life to explain the gospel to them.  i made it highly interactive just like ate trina and ate abi taught me.  i explained each step and asked them to point out and define the keywords for us.  they were even leaning forward and their eyes reflected their interest.  but still, i was surprised when they answered that they wanted to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and they allowed me to lead them in prayer.  i expected them to leave as soon as i finished but we found them lingering instead. 

the next day was a holiday.  it was the end of ramadan.  it was the perfect opportunity for house-to-house evangelism.  it rains a lot in lucban, but that day and each time we went out to share the Word, the sun shone.  kit and i teamed up with arbie in the morning and with kuya butch in the afternoon.  we got to share with people of varying ages and we blessed an associate pastor with our courage.  kuya butch even ministered to a man who had three wives and gave him a tagalog copy of the book of john where we could find a samaritan woman who had five husbands.  i hope he also came to know Christ just like she did.  i encountered a mother who didn’t understand english so i had to resort to using the wordless book and explaining the story in tagalog.  by God’s grace, it was clear enough for her to understand and she came to accept Christ.  i lost count of the number of people whose eyes welled up in tears as we told them the good news and led them in prayer, but that day was our turn to cry.  we met a woman who was healed by a certain father joey and her house was full of power rangers.  she claims that she saw the hand of Jesus that day and that she believed. but she trusted in her faith and her works rather than on the grace of God.  she may have what she calls a second life, but had her heart not been hard, she would have had eternal life.  at least she was open to bible studies in her house. 

the next day, we were back at the campus.  pao, phebe, kit, and i teamed up to approach big groups in the morning and in the afternoon before we split into pairs again.  it was really amazing to find people who were just waiting to hear the gospel.  i stand in awe at the power of God’s Word in working in people’s hearts and transforming lives.  i was never one to speak to strangers or in front of a crowd with confidence.  it was only through His enabling that we accomplished our mission. 

there was still more work the next day.  i had to cram for the true love waits seminar.  even though it was my discipler’s ministry, i never really appreciated it until i had to facilitate it.  junette and i were partners at first, but more attendees arrived and we had to split the group.  but before that, i had to break the bad news to a group of people who thought they were saved but weren’t.  harsh.  anywayz, those who remained with me actually admitted that they and their friends needed the tlw seminar.  i learned from them, and i’m glad they somehow learned something from me.  noel was the first one to post his commitment card. ^_^

janna: what happens after you catch fish?

jackie bear: you fry them.

the serious answer is, they need feeding so they would grow.  i’ll end here. it’s 1.53am on aj’s clock.


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