200th post

yeah, i blog that much. and this isn’t my only one.  but i’m glad i can’t access any of them when i’m at my workstation.  i finally showed up at work today.  i ran out of excuses not to go because the installed software on my computer lack certain features that i need.  and i hoped it would be remedied by using another pc instead. 

i was once again reminded that i do not have a job because i deserve one.  i wasn’t qualified when i was offered the job and was hired.  and i have a long way to go before i should be considered qualified.  the learning process robs me of sleep.  but when i’m tired and frustrated, i am also humbled.  when i admit that i cannot accomplish this on my own, the Lord directs me to where help may be found.  the salary is bigger than those of some full-time jobs.  but it was never really about the money or i would have done the seeking.  opportunity knocked and i answered.  it presented a need that someone believed i could meet.  it’s a journey into the unknown.  and a chance to experience His grace from a new perspective. ^_^


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