so this is goodbye…

it’s when you’re about to leave that you look back at the beginning.  back when i was a freshman, a group of guys took care of me (and the rest of the kalayaan christian fellowship).  these volunteers were called the kalayaan brigade.  they were the ones who taught me to trust again.  and it was their leadership that helped mold me into who i am today.  they blessed me so much that i wanted to pay it forward to the generations that came after us.  so i volunteered to mentor freshmen.  and eventually became the kalbrig head. it was a time of harvest.  by God’s grace, kalcf’s numbers soared to around forty.  among them rose great leaders.  some of them also joined the kalbrig.  and as i watched them grow over the years, i was truly amazed in how the Lord has worked in their lives.  they continue to encourage me with their maturity.  last night was probably my last formal meeting with them.  i didn’t expect to leave them a semester early.  i wish i didn’t have to.  but i cannot commit to serve with them and work and hope to graduate.  i pray the Lord would continue to guide them and grant them wisdom and fill them with joy.  may He be their source of strength and may they continue to glorify His name.


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