day of the dead

we had our annual picnic at pryce garden today.  our relatives greeted us while handing out food and drinks.  then there were flowers and candles as is customary.  it was actually a happy place.  people were even playing badminton.  but i don’t think they stepped on graves.  i don’t think i want to be buried somewhere and forgotten for most of the year when i die.  my thoughts were interrupted when my li’l bro brought out the decks of cards an we, my siblings, cousins, and i, played nertz.  then my parents announced that we were leaving.  i caught a glimpse of the sunset below before we went downhill.

last night, we celebrated hallow’s eve.  the clan was far from complete.  among those who weren’t around were the pastor’s kids.  too much paganism, me thinks.  my sister spen the whole afternoon carving a squash in place of a pumpkin.  it was worth it.  it garnerned so many pictures, some of which involved placing a head on a platter.  they wanted to start the party.  since the people who usually led the opening prayer weren’t there, it fell on me.  then it was time to attack.  by the way, my afternoon was scary.  i had a root canal appointment with my dentist.  a root canal takes at least two weeks and i’ll be leaving by next monday.  so she considered other options while i was sitting in the chair with my mouth wide open and she was probing and grinding.  i didn’t need one after all.  or at least not yet.  i was exhausted afterwards which led to a full-blown migraine.  i puked in the middle of watching silent hill, but the movie wasn’t the cause.

me go bye bye now. it’s time for grey’s anatomy.


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