bouldering insights

there are things to consider in dyno moves. these include letting go, timing, and commitment.

  • letting go can sound scary. you can fall and if there’s no one to break it, it hurts and it gives you more reason to fear letting go. but you must remember that the longer you hold on, the more effort it takes to hang on. you probably don’t want to be stuck where you are.
  • timing is also crucial. you need to wait for the opportune time to reach for your goal. too early or too late and you will come crashing down.
  • commitment involves zooming in on your target and banishing all doubts. losing your focus and hesitation, no matter how small, result in failure.

come to think of it, even if you reach the top, you need to return to the ground just the same. and the height of your free fall is, of course, greater. is it worth the effort and the risk?


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