it would have been a perfect night out with my newest roommate. mojos, a hot hero, and a super mocha shake. the devil wears prada. and heavy rainfall. then i came home to a barely functional pc. it kept restarting and restarting and i had to open it up and reconnect the cables and stuff. the whole time i was wishing mickey were here. the sem’s about to end and i still haven’t fulfilled my promise to myself that i would learn to take care of myself. it was really humbling to find myself panicking when faced with a real machine problem and not one my instructors conjured up. at least my pc’s okay for now. been praying a lot about the little things today. for a cab to take us home safely. and for my pc to not need repairs. we were supposed to go walking a couple of hours from now but i doubt i’d survive that without sleep or with little of it.

by the way, we were given 20 easy problems for 2 hours during the speed programming competition today. it was fun! i would consider the training during the sem break if i won’t be granted permission to go to quezon for the missions. there’s trouble in paradise i want to avoid by not going home or at least by minimizing my stay there.

a blog is a blog is a blog. ever heard of freedom of expression? my li’l bro is entitled to it.


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