a nut case or a charity case… which is worse?

i’d say a charity case. why? someone like me finds it hard to ask for help. getting what i want is pretty easy. my li’l bro thinks it’s my innate ability and my sister agrees. but accepting what i need is altogether a different thing. i like being in control of my life. but that is something i learn to surrender each day to God. because apart from Him, everything turns into a disaster. i don’t like being helpless. but i am. and i need His grace to sustain me. i heard that it’s better to give than to receive. and typical me drove to the extremes of becoming generous to people while resisting whatever they offered. receiving kindness is still something new to me. and i watch in wonder whenever someone else pays for me or gives me something for free. you can’t imagine just how thankful i am for these blessings. most of all, i praise the Lord Jesus i wasn’t too stubborn to accept Him as my Lord and Savior. all our efforts to cleanse ourselves of sin would be in vain no matter how nice we are because our God is holy. we are merely sinners who fall short of His glory. the Lord requires a perfect sacrifice. the good news is He also provided that perfect sacrifice — Jesus Christ. that’s what gospel means. good news.


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