yesterday afternoon, there were cameras everywhere i went. whether i was warming up, attempting a dyno move, or just sipping my cold cup of milo while sitting at my favorite spot at the sunken garden (because it was also his and it meant he wasn’t there with someone else. <evil laugh>). i realized i don’t really care if anyone was watching. i may be at least a little annoyed but that shouldn’t stop me from doing what i had to or wanted to do. one thing i had to relearn was commitment. i don’t know when i started doubting myself and the skills the Lord blessed me with. but it dawned on me that lack of faith was hindering me from gripping my target. i don’t want to leave you hanging but i will… =p

next thursday will be my first speaking engagement at kalcf. the topic is attributes of God. i managed to finish my term as kalbrig head two years ago without delivering a message because i had such obedient kids who listened to my advice and invited the people i listed to speak. maybe i’ve run out of excuses. kuya arvin and kuya butch and i don’t who else are going to turn up to listen to me speak. i don’t know if that will be an encouragement or added pressure. i’m scared. we really should be careful what we pray for. i asked for the gift of prophecy. if answered, that would mean more of these…


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