missed me?

my profile views amount to hundreds these days. awww… i hadn’t been online in a while. i’m at an internet cafe in philcoa and i just heard that we now have internet at our dorm. i still have to see for myself if it’s true… if it is, i’d feel um, stupid.

it was my ritual to blog after each climbing session but circumstances had changed since. today i overcame one of my frustration routes. i’m learning a lot. not only about wall climbing but also about relationships. i never knew loving people would be so difficult. i mean the biblical kind of love.

i brought my pretend-posts thinking i could publish them but the computer i am currently using doesn’t have the necessary drivers… 😦

by the way, the Lord has blessed the molave christian movement greatly this sem. i’ll go publish the article i wrote for dormwatch later.

one more thing, i ran into an old friend earlier. we last spoke back in third grade. it’s funny imagining our eyes widen in surprise and all. ^_^


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