happy melancholic

yup, that’s me! i finally climbed again after n months. benjie was my belayer and vice versa. it was quite a refresher for us. i finally mustered the guts to climb a wall with an overhang. um, i fell. benjie, on the other hand, topped out. we also did traversals but neither of us went very far. it’s funny how we both have similar weaknesses including balance. we can’t swim or ride a bike. etc etc. one humbling experience today was not finishing the Y\ route in samson’s wall which was of the same difficulty to my first climb during the competition we won back then. maybe it’s just melancholic of me to long for past victories. but i’m not sad at all. quite the opposite, in fact. maybe we could attribute that to the L of coke and the muffins. or the hill. or the long hike home. or jericho’s walk.

monica also dropped by earlier and we had lunch at chocolate kiss with kuya jan. maybe that accounts for my being more than a little crazy today. we bring that out in each other. maybe getting left behind is not so bad when good friends make it a point to spend time with you when the opportunity arrives. even if they’re working like dominic. or living far away like joan. i’m out of mush… ^_^


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