wake-up call

i woke up to chris singing with live. and to the air and noise pollution of the lawn mower. i don’t know if it was the best or worst wake-up call. but that performance was really worth the suffocation and headache. i have a really high respect for live. my all-time faves include i alone, selling the drama, and lightning crashes. i’m adding i walk the line to the list because of chris. their performace was just amazing! watch out for the replay of american idol. they’re really awesome.

did i mention that i like bucky? well, except for his teeth… but i love chris! and i’m being really shallow. but who cares? anywayz, carrie underwood was also there. i was extremely unhappy about last year’s results. that was one thing buddy and i disagreed about. bo bice outsang carrie (the judges said so) and her songs all sounded the same.  now that bo has his own single, i can say that he didn’t live up to himself. the song was too ordinary. i hope he comes up with something better.

i won’t be a spoiler so i’m not posting this year’s results. even though i’m really tempted to. i love the new american idol’s song. my sister thinks elliott can do a better job. round here, we think chris and elliott would have made the best top 2. i wish i could post pictures on this blog. i still can’t. i hate this glitch. it’s been going on for months.

by the way, friendster has a new feature. my sister equates it to a big STALK ME sign. lol.


2 thoughts on “wake-up call

  1. think elliot wudve been better at top2. if it werent for kath’s somewhere over the rainbow..she sang it wonderflly.. she made a mess during the finals. and ow, the results night was great… 🙂 hehe

    **halata bang AI fan? …weee!

    *** hei, get back here already.

  2. i think ed, live’s vocalist, looked cute with his dance moves. for more ai stuff, go see my sister’s blog. hehe. kath’s high register is AWFUL. add to that her swollen ego… of course the result’s night was great. chris was there. :p let’s argue over coffee or pizza or something when i get back. i’m enjoying blessed silence right now. 🙂

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