biding my time

i’ve been sentenced to two hours of study everyday for the summer in addition to attending a speech improvement class which my sister handles.

i just received a reply from my professor. he said i probably have to submit one to three more reports (instead of at least two machine problems). yey! ^_^ i’ll ask one of my friends to mail me a completion form so i could send it back before the enrolment for the first sem starts. that’s one less burden when it’s done.

my favorite show these days is grey’s anatomy. it’s a mild version of the training my elder brother went through as an intern. i can’t even spell the name of the specialization he took up. it’s head and neck surgery. he’s a lot busier. i think he visited only once twice last sem. maybe i’ll be more understanding and less demanding. maybe not.

i think i’ll go play dota now. i was unable to finish the game earlier.


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