a tribute to my roommies




not only are you three of the most beautiful ladies in the dorm, you’re also the craziest bunch of people put together. thank you for being ever supportive of my love life whatever the tide brings. for teasing me endlessly during happier days and giving me a whack to wake up when i’d rather cry myself to sleep. you make the best movie buddies no matter where we choose to watch–in the room, at the film institute, or in a movie theatre at the mall. if not for your spontaneity, we wouldn’t have seen the phantom of the opera, she’s the man, and other great movies unplanned. and we wouldn’t go on food trips in the middle of whatever we’re doing. we have pictures and fastfood moments in abundance. i seem to be at a loss for words. you should receive a humanitarian award or something for your patience with me. i hope we get to spend the summer together. remind me to send in my resume before the sem ends. God bless!


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