stepford wives

what’s a stepford wife like?

she looks like a barbie doll and sounds like aldous. shhh…

the film "stepford wives" brings me back to the days when i had to deal with someone who saw me as someone beyond reach just because i was perceived as someone "better". nothing i did could penetrate that sense of inferiority. it was a manipulation trap in the making. i never asked for someone who would try to impress me with his wit or charm. i just want a husband i would submit to, that is, yield my will to. and he would love me in return. did you notice that i didn’t say boyfriend? =p i don’t want a stepford husband who comes with a remote control. but i have my non-negotiables. the top of my list says someone who would lead me spiritually. that’s pretty tough considering the so-called 6:1 ratio of Christian girls to Christian guys. 

O LORD, You are my God;
         I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your name;
         For You have worked wonders,
         Plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness.

~ Isaiah 25:1

it’s all in God’s hands. before i thought to pray for someone, even before i was created, the Lord had planned my life out to the smallest detail and He is faithful to fulfill it. i can only praise Him for who He is and for the one i will someday spend my life with. i need not worry about a husband who will want to make me "perfect" by turning me into a robot who does his every will.

inconsistencies aside, the movie was nice. it was an eye opener that in a world filled with jerks and chauvinists, decent guys exist. and they love you because they choose to.


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