tuesday night… i travelled alone to ortigas at around 6pm. i prayed all the way because i was scared. but i also enjoyed the thrill of being independent for a moment. i walked from the ortigas mrt station to robinsons galleria. "boulevard of broken dreams" popped into mind. you can’t believe how true that is… then i spent thirty minutes waiting for kuya mic to show up. we dined at tortilla fusion. their true buritos were great, but it was nothing compared to their quesadillas. they didn’t serve cali so i had to settle for coke. then we went hunting for a phone charger and a mini-dv tape. we went for more mexican food – nachos! we took an fx to a street near pearl drive then went up the elevator of his condo. kuya mic oriented me with the video camera. my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. he had a job to do so i had to entertain myself. i banged the night away with his kahon while wearing his ipod. i was hesitant at first, but i got the hang of it later. i had to stop when the neighbor knocked and complained about the noise i was making. it was past midnight after all. some people sleep at night. i don’t. a little earlier, we went to ministop for pizza bars and drinks(milk, coffee, and water). wednesday morning… i had to go back to the campus. i walked to shangri-la by myself. i didn’t like crossing the streets with fast cars. i reached the shaw mrt station alive. when i reached quezon ave, i had to walk to the terminal. a speeding vehicle splashed water over my capri pants halfway there. fast forward. on my way to meet my partner, the video cam’s case strap broke, but i managed to get hold of it. i hope no real damage was done. i forgot to charge the battery so we just discussed the script. i worked on my part all night. i was stranded at the shopping center with monica during the afternoon. she had an umbrella but we didn’t want to risk our cargo getting wet. in between interviews, we had our fellowship and prayer meeting. and in between those, i was mean and i made joan cry. and i’m sorry.

january 25th – lean’s birthday. something to praise God for.


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