i scream(ed)

*happy sigh* i just came from backstreet’s concert. i was so busy replaying it that i didn’t notice my roomates who were riding in the same jeepney with me nor the BIG post near the waiting shed that i nearly ran into it. i’ve been dreaming of this for years and years, eight in all. it would be hypocrisy to deny that i was and still am crazy about them. as for the "persecution", all you people get is a shrug and maybe a smile. just don’t make the mistake of telling me it’s uncool ’cause i’ll just point out that you’re so insecure about your taste in music, you’re either dependent on the hit charts or are so scared to appreciate anything that is or was popular. besides, i’m confident in mine. may i remind you that backstreet came before the rest of the boy bands?

on the way to the concert, my heart was beating so fast!joan and i got off the train bursting with excitement. the gates were already opened but the line was so long, we had to trace both ends to make sure we were on the right queue. our tickets only costed a thousand pesos. we were seated at the second row of the upper box b of araneta colliseum. ate trina reserved us seats. the wait was quite long but definitely worth it. i’m proud to not have brought a banner. i’m not that crazy, see? let’s go though the list of songs they performed later. for now, i would really love to congratulate kevin for overcoming his shyness. i love how he connected with the audience. he’s not so serious now, he’s obviously enjoying life. i want to have the grand piano onstage and his talent in music. found out that brian’s awesome not just as a singer but as a dancer as well. aj was wonderful as always. howie’s antics included jumping on nick’s back and doing a 70’s move with nick. and nick managed to stay cute with his big belly, but he was so heavy that he looked funny dancing. he got away with splashing water on the audience. i can say that his appeal goes beyond his looks. i love…him! =p he actually played an acoustic guitar in climbing over walls and his girlfriend/electric guitar in i just want you to know. then there’s the thing with cellphones swaying in the dark. i danced to everybody, which was the first song, backstreet’s back,… and sang along with as long as you love me, quit playing games, i want it that way,… and need i mention that i did a lot of screaming? =) i was captivated by their not-so-familiar songs and their videos during water breaks. i’m sure i missed to include a lot of songs in my recollection of what they performed. maybe i’ll update this later. i’d like to make mention of their superb performance in all i have to give and their r&b version of i’ll never break your heart. i just wish they included 10, 000 promises. and a lot more.

i’m having so much fun trying to immortalize these memories, but i really should work on my overdue mp… i know, priorities. i’d choose the concert over anything i might suffer from going. i know i’m living someone else’s dream and not just my own. i really should stop. by the way, i still have my voice unlike some people. 😉


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