mona lisa smile

i’m finally taking the time to blog… i really should be sleeping, but i’ve been having trouble with that. i found myself time and again in a haunted mansion. it was beautiful and everything, but i’m so tired of running from the evil that lurks there. then there’s the restlessness i experienced… i spent the weekend before i went home for the christmas break convincing myself that life still holds hope for me. i tried to reason with myself that as long as i didn’t ask for help, it was nothing serious. i was pretty good in my pretense that the puffy red eyes were nothing but a testimony to my tiredness.

She’s smiling. Is she happy?
She looks happy. So, what does it matter?

but there is someone i live for… make that five people who are having a concert on january 20 at the araneta colliseum. if you know who they are, you’re one of us. lolz. but there really is Someone worth living for. and those who sincerely seek the meaning of life rather than just philosophize about it will find Him or be found by Him…

Not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond the image.

God bless!


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