so happy ^_^

but i can’t say why… at least not here. hehe.

by the way, the previous post is not about some failed relationship or what.

i think i’m becoming a more approachable person. they say it has to do with my countenance. i say it’s because the joy of the Lord is my strength. His grace is the only reason i overcame the previous sem. i attended the dcf camp in laguna last weekend and i committed my bitterness to the Lord. i know He has a purpose why i have another year of stay in this university. i can’t believe how unsuccessful i was at screwing up my academic life in the past year. i have a really wonderful God who pulled me out of all the pits i dug for myself.

today is my first day of classes. i got sick yesterday but i’m feeling a bit better this afternoon. but my muscles still ache from all the running i did at the camp. i need to rest now. but first, can anyone explain how i could acquire a ticket to constantine’s concert on thursay or friday? thanks.


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